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Protein Before Lifting/When Waking Up?


I believe I am correct when I say that protein is essential in the morning because it halts catabolism, but what about before lifting?

A friend of mine claims that it is not good to eat protein before lifting, and I disagree.

So, can anyone point me to some articles that justify: 1. eating protein first thing in the morning, 2. eating it before lifting, and 3. the dangers of lifting on an empty stomach



Look for Dave Barr's 10 Myths to post-workout nutrition. I think it addresses all of those.


Dave Barr did a presentation that touched on this at the DC Test Fest.

Basicaly he said that for optimum protein synthesis you should eat something with fast protein (Like Surge) right upon waking, especialy if you lift first thing in the morning. His data indicated that this was perferable to drinking Surge during your workout FOR PROTEIN SYNTHESIS.

Definatly check out Barr's articals.