Protein before bed

Just wanted to ask all those on the forum their thoughts on what type of protein they use before bed. I’ve checked all the prev posts on the forum but I’m still pretty confused. I’ve been using Grow LC with some fish oil, but some seem to suggest that the whey will cause more fat storage due to a insulin spike. Does the fat in the fish oil suppress this at all? If this is true, I’m guessing the answer would be casein with the whey. If so, what percentages do you guys use? Finally, any other good sources of casein aside from Cottage Cheese, I can eat damn near anything but that stuff makes me gag (but I’ll still eat it if thats the only way). All input would be greatly appreciated.

Low Carb Grow and a good fat source is perfect. There is no significant insulin spike with LC Grow, so no worries. Blend you cottage cheese into your shake. Yummy. (And I too don’t like cottage cheese by itself.)

Eat cheddar cheese-26g P, 33g F, 0gC. If you’re a smart boy and not eating carbs, you should be eating more fat than protein anyway.

There are no insulin spikes with Low-carb grow. I personally use 2 servings every night along with one 250ml glass of skim milk and 5g of flax seed oil.

Any sort of low/no carb protein poweder, and usually a spoonful of Natural Peanut Butter.

I posed this same question to John Berardi a few months back and he suggested that a piece of chicken or steak may take even longer to break down. Potentially more beneficial. I guess you would call this “food for thought”. Ha-ha!!!

Although casein is probably the best choice for a pre-bed protein (as far as powders are concerned), with enough fiber and good fats added to if, whey will not be too terrible. LC Grow! is a mixture of the two of them, so it is a great choice.

As far as cottage cheese, I have found that people generally have much more of an issue with the consistency, rather than the taste. As TEK said, blend it into your shake; that will take care of both, as the Grow will mask the taste very well.

BodyIQ - I have heard similar things about steak and chicken; I assume the reason that meats are not normally recommended as a pre-bed protein source is either the convenience issue, or simply that many people cannot sleep after eating such "heavy" food. Personally, I feel that the only thing better than steak before bed is waking up and having the rest of it with breakfast. Mmmm...meat.

Hope this helps.

Not to be an ass, but if your worry is insulin spikes then milk is far from ideal; it creates a significant spike despite it’s low GI.

You can also get chedder cheese with as little as 6% fat now days, so that + flax/fish oil may be the next best thing to Cottage Cheese.

Fish protein.