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Protein Before & After Workout?


I recently came across the T-Nation site and it's been very useful!

I have a question -- Charles Staley also writes an section in Best Life magazine & in the April 2006 edition, he talked about adding protein before and after a workout. His recommendation was Metabolic Drive MRP before the workout and Surge by Biotest after the workout. I was considering using this on my workout days. Has anyone used this type of setup on workout days and found it to help?

I was also intrigued by Spike as a daily supplement. The description says without the jitters of ephedrine, which is what I used to get BIG time on products that had ephedrine. Can anyone recommend this as a daily 'pick me up'? After reading the description, it sounds perfect, but so have other products I've used (not from T-Nation).

Since I am new to T-Nation, would you recommend other supplements here to check out? I am NOT looking to add 5-10 pills, drinks, etc. to my daily routine, but since I don't drink pop, coffee, etc. I don't get much caffeine stimulation that could help throughout the day.

Brief background on my workouts - I follow the Mike Mentzer methods fairly close. Currently I'm on a 1 day per week strenuous workout and 1-2 days of light cardio. Now that the weather is breaking here, golf will be added to the mix.



Well I'll only be able to comment on the Spike since that is the only Biotest supplement I've actually used; and I gotta say that Spike has pretty damn good for what I was looking for. Essentially it was a preworkout stimulant since I usually workout before class, but the effects carried over into the classroom as well. I was more alert, and just felt more "into" it. . . if that makes sense.

Now that school is out I'll continue to use it preworkout and days that I work early (7am), or if I just need to stay alert for an extended period of time. I suggest that you read the Spike thread after the product article if you haven't , it'll just give you some more good info before using/buying Spike.

Good Luck and Welcome,


Personally I drink Metabolic Drive right before I go to bed. The slow-digesting protein keeps your body from breaking down muscle while you sleep.

For post-workout recovery, you definitely can't beat Surge.

Spike is an amazing product! I've experienced no adverse side effects. When I need to wake up on little sleep, Spike really gets me feeling like a normal human being. And otherwise, Spike makes me feel unstoppable.


i have used both Spike and HOT-ROX (not at the same time) and i feel like HOT-ROX gets me more pumped than Spike. im assuming HOT-ROX has caffiene since it is a fat loss supplement.


Depends on your goals, are you looking to add muscle-mass and definition? Strength and Power?? Losing fat?

I can say that Surge Post-workout is a good way to go, no matter what your lifting goals. Personally, I can't stomach any pre-workout drinks (I feel bloated and heavy). But I do try and get some good protein around an hour or so before a workout. (I.e. a Metabolic Drive bar or similar) It helps you recover faster than running though your workout on an empty stomach


You only lift one day per week? I'm not sure what your goals are, but you might try Dr. Berardi's suggestion of using one-half serving of Surge during workout and another half-serving post workout. I use a half-serving during workout and a full serving post workout. Only on lifing days. Not on cardio days.

Good luck.


bikemike - I know, just 1 day per week, how could you actually build muscle? It's a contrarian view and I understand that, but following Mike Mentzer's high intensity training has added muscle mass that I was not seeing working out 3-4 times per week. More is not always good for your body.

I do appreciate these comments, it appears Surge is pretty good. As for the proteins, I am going to have to read up on it more as it appears there's a variety of suggestions!


I would say the overall goal is to build muscle mass since that should help with definition, strength, power, and losing fat. I know, it's not a perfect science, but the domino effect of building muscle mass would help in these regards.