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Protein Bars

What is a protein bar that has a good balance in terms of nutrition and taste? What about ACTUAL protein content? I have heard that some have overinflated protein content written on the wrapper.


I make my own bars based off of JB’s recipe, but I add in some natty peanut butter with the Low-Carb Grow! and Flax Meal.

Good stuff.

Pack of Tuna and Cheese are the best. LOL

I just dont trust any of the bars out there as of now. Once you get a lil practice carrying veggies, meats, nuts etc. is not biggie. Various Jerkys are great as well,and Low-Carb Grow! carried in little baggies or plastic bottles.

I know I didnt really answer your ? just gave my opinion and some options.

Oh and yes many dont meet label claims and or are loaded with soy and less than great carb and fat sources.

Hope it helps,

This is a great bar!


I agree with Phill - not really any good ones out there unless you like texture of cement.

Why not just use Grow! and a shaker?? I take 2 xiplock bags each with 2-3 scoops each for the day. I started doing that and eliminated the bars and haven’t looked back.