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Protein Bars?!?!?

What’s the deal with protein bars?

(1) They taste better than ever now, but the good ones all seem to have soy protein as a main ingredient… How “estrogenic” is soy protein? What about soybean oil or soy lechitin? (Or soy sauce for that matter!) Has any of this been proven by clinical studies?

(2) What’s up with the bullshit protein (e.g. gelatin) that was reportedly counted towards total protein content by a lot of companies? Does anyone know which companies did this, and whether they are still able to?

(3) Has anyone put on a lot of mass eating protein bars regularly? Something about them seems shady… I “feel” better after drinking a shake–even the shit that comes in a can.


Save your money and buy more useful stuff, like ‘powdered water’ (just add water).

Seriously, your wasting your money on most bars. Better to pack a healthy snack (ie. nuts) and a protein shake. You can carry the protein shake sans the water/milk until you reach your destination, then add.


And on this note, did anybody try Sci Fit Truth Bar protein bars?

If yes, how do they taste?
How does your stomach feel while digesting them?
And do they really contain 30g of protein per bar?