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Protein Bars

Any suggestions for any good tasting protein bars. I have tried the Detour bars and they are good, they are high in carbs and fat. Thanks Guys

Try Tri O Plex bar by Chef Jay. They are the best tasting I have ever had…i recommend the chocolate peanutbutter chip. You get about 30 grams of PRO, 9-12 grams of impact carbs and 5 grams of fiber. They wont melt in your car either.

I’m such a spoilsport, but with all these new T-peeps around someone has to do it.


Read that. Tri-O-Plex bars bomb the label tests. They flat out lie. And so does Detour and just about any other layered bar. Use the search for more of these tests.

[quote]Dave2 wrote:

You beat me to it, Dave2. :o) I can’t get the link to work, though, so here’s a direct link to the label claims site-


I used to love Tri-O-Plex bars, too, until I read this. It’s so much easier to stay away from protein bars then worry about whether their labels are telling the truth.

I reply with the same thing everytime I see one of these posts. All protein bars are glorified candy bars that will not help you reach your physique goals if you are serious into lifting and looking good nekid.