Protein Bars?

hey all- im running out of protein bars and i was wondering what brands you use, if you make em yourselves or where you get em? thanks!

I currently eat 2-4 protein bars per day, depending on the time i have to cook and eat real food. START LAUGHING NOW, lately i have been eating the shit out of GNC’s pro crunch, only 16g protein and 34g carbs (25g from sugar). Not the best numbers, but good and cheap as hell, like $16 for 24 bars. Plus this helps me get all of my vitamins daily, because i dont eat many veggies.


junk food disguised as fitness food

I work at a GNC, and I feel that protein bars are a waste of money. First off mostly all of them have SOY as the primary source of protein. That is not necessarily bad, but just keep that in mind if you have to scarf down more than 1 in a day. In the case of GNC pro crunch is a knock of ABB’s steel bar. I believe it is casien first then soy second. Another thing is that most bars are filled with sugar, or sugar alcohols which I bet are equally bad for you. Nothing which makes you spackle the walls with explosive diahrea can be good for you. Thirdly, mosty bars are trans-fat laden to ensure a longer shelf life. Keep in mind these trans fats increase risk of heart disease and renal cancers and all kidna of crap. The best bars i have seen so far have been the tri-o-plex cuz they have a great source of carbs and i believe are trans fat free. Only thing is that they are 30g of pure soy.
Another thing you gotta watch out for is mold. Detour bars are known for mold. And just recently i got a new shipment in my store that contained some moldy tri-o-plex bars. Of course you can return them, But why not just carry some beef jerky and veggies or a Natures Valley trail mix bar. (cheap as dirt from costco).

If you really want a decision on bars. I would say Tri-o-plex, promax(whey protein, but high in sugars), or steel/GNC bar.

As the others have gently hinted: Eat real food instead.
I subsisted on protein bars for a while and lost a good 10 pounds of muscle - and I wasn’t even eating any of the soy ones, either.
Right now I use peanuts like I used to use protein bars. It works great; low bodyfat, muscle retention, excellent performance. Monounsat. fat. rules.

Ross Hunt

I grill skinless, boneless chicken breasts; I cut them into bite-sized pieces, and put them in Zip-loc bags in the fridge. Pop a few into an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack, and I’ve got my “protein bars” for the day.

Give it a try. Throw an apple in there and you’ve got a post-workout snack.

I’ve almost entirely weaned myself off any bars. (But I’d fall off the wagon if GROW! bars came back!)

UMMMM you guys should know that tri-o-plex bars failed label claims testing BAD!! Sucks b/c I really liked those things,but I don’t eat bars anymore.

Thanks alot guys, jerkey, almonds, and veggies it is.

Yeah I agree. Putting aside that most of them are full of crap, they’re a chore to eat and for so little protein. Not to mention the cost. I’ll once again stick with a packet shake, cheers. :slight_smile:

Can you get a protein martini at a protein bar?

I just purchased bulk mixed nuts. Great snack. A few pieces of string cheese, I’m happy. I have also put a little protein powder in a baggie, (chocolate looks better then vanilla in a baggie,) and a shaker bottle. All I need is cold water.

Another thing you could do is keep a few hamsters around. A little furry, but very high in protein.

Hmm, so basically, you guys said that the worst things are soy, trans fats, and sugars?

Now, I’m new to this all, but the bar that I was told was good is Max’s HP bar, its supposed to be a carb blocker with all the bells and whistles.

I’m not claiming its better than real food, but can anyone see a hidden catch with these? I know they don’t list trans fat, but other than that i can’t see a problem…

I’m not taking them, just curious to see what you guys think. Does this gear really block carbs?


Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Polydextrose, Glycerine, Vegetable Oil, Cocoa, Lecithin, Dextrose, Milk Solids, Garcinia (Hydroxy Citric Acid), Phaseolus (Paseolamin), L-Carnitine, Forskolin, Artificial Sweetener (Sucralose), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Flavour, Water Added

Per Serve (85g)
Per 100g

Fat (total)
Fat (saturated)
Carbohydrate (total)
Hydroxy Citric Acid

Each MAX?S HP+ Bar contains only 7 grams of sugars. The remaining 20grams of carbohydrates consists of Polydextrose (regarded as dietary fibre) and Glycerine which has minimal affect on blood sugar levels.

Hampster! of course! i knew i was doing something wrong

I’m surprised they measured the energy of that bar in kiloJOULES instead of kiloCalories. which is 320 kilocalories by the ‘whey’…

I am not sure i want to eat anything that has “Forskolin” in it. It just sounds dirty…

Grow! bars are my choice if they ever return.

[quote]woopazz222 wrote:
I am not sure i want to eat anything that has “Forskolin” in it. It just sounds dirty…[/quote]

Yeah, i normally trim off the Forskolin when i eat my meat…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad bad joke.