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Protein Bars? Soy Protein?

So I’ve heard that soy protein has hormones that pretty much act like estrogen in out bodies, and men’s health big book of food and nutrition said that it’s not a complete protein. (I thought it was.) So what kind of protein should I get in my protein bars?

I want to avoid whey, except after my workout, cause of the insulin spike, cause I’m trying to cut. Also, I eat high protein cereal, but it has soy too, should I get rid of it? I don’t want bitch tits.


You have to eat quite a bit of soy to get gynecomastia. You are correct that soy is a phytoestrogen meaning it acts like estrogen binding to breast tissue.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

Whey is fine. Why are you scared of a little blip of insulin? If you’re really that concerned just go with one that’s milk protein. It sounds like you’re over complicating this whole snacking thing.

Anything you eat will cause your body to secrete insulin. Also the best way to cut is to maintain LBM, which protein intake PWO can help a bit with.


Don’t be afraid of insulin. Besides any protein is going to mildly increase insulin.

Make your own protein bars. Hit me up if you want recipes. Any soy protein has a shitty bioavailability rating, so I avoid it, personally.