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Protein Bars for Massive Eating

Does anyone have any good protein bar suggestions for the protein/fat meals? I run around all day and don’t have time to sit and eat (except for maybe once or twice) so I depend on a lot of meal replacements. If I have to keep the protein bar’s carb content below 5 grams then that rules out Pure Protein bars and Solid Protein bars. What else is out there. Should I have an Atkins bar? I’m getting sick of the Low Carb bars and am just looking for good “on the go” suggestions.
Oh, and my other question is, if I’m going to have a protein/fat meal, how bad is it to have coffee with this meal. If coffee increases insulin, then wouldn’t that be a bad situation?

The only protein bar I can stand is Designer Protein Chocolate - It’s actually “decent”. The other bars I’ve tried (MetRx/Solid Protein/Twinlab) taste just like they look - in fact if you threw one in the toilet you would swear it was a terd!

While some MET-RX bars taste like shit, I’m addicted to their chocolate chip cookie one. It isn’t that great, but I still love it for some reason. Also, their bavarian mint and chocolate graham cracker chip aren’t too bad.

I’ve used Balance bars (some are ok) but recently discovered Iron Man bars. these things are damn good. Try the Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chuck, and Cookies and Cream (all are 15g protein, 220 cals).

I’ve never heard that coffee increases insulin. I drink about 3-4 cups a day on Fat Fast.

I have to agree with Jim E. The designer chocolate protein bars seem to be the best tasting. They have 30g prot, 6g carb, and I think 5g fat. There definitley good for on the go, but that is kinda a lot of fat if you trying to be lean.

EAS has some low carb myoplex bars that are actually really really good. It has 28-30g of prot, 3.5g of carbs, and 6g of fat. It comes in apple cinnamon, blueberry, and lemon cake. It is different from the rest of the protein bars out there but it definately tastes the best in my opinion.

hi guys …while some of the ratios on these bars look fine…i’m wondering…what about the extra kcals…from glycerine…how do thye effect the massive eating plan…which i’m on also?thanks Mike