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Protein bar taste not up to snuff

This was a little funny to me. I’m not going
to mention the company name because it would
be totally unfair. It’s the brand of protein
bars that I have most preferred. Others have good
opinions of this bar as well – it’s definitely considered one of the best in
the industry.

On the other hand, the nutritional supplement
industry has, most of the time, generally
not been known for good tasting products.
Some have been unbelievably awful, for
example, versions years ago of Twinlab MCT
Fuel (which tasted amazingly close to one’s expectations for toxic waste) and
allegedly-cherry-flavored predigested aminos. Or Weider’s notorious Anabolic
Mega-Paks, which had me feeling ill for almost an hour after taking. Overall the industry has improved a lot but still often there’s room for further improvement.

Anyhow, my girlfriend has a pet rat. Now,
I had never realized it, but actually rats
are great animals and quite good pets, far
ahead of say gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs,
and other rodents I know of, though certainly I have more preference for cats or parrots. This one is a good little guy. Anyway, I was eating this protein bar, one of the best tasting in the industry, and I figured this would be nutritious for him. So I went, “Treat-treat!!” like I do when giving him a treat, for example wheat bread, a flake of cereal, some chicken, or these vegetable wafers for rats, and he runs up all excited and gets a small piece of the protein bar. But he does not eat all of it though it is a small piece, and even drops it. This is a first: he’s never done that with anything. He’s like Mikey, he eat’s everything. I try again with another piece and he WON’T EVEN TAKE IT.

This is a sad commentary: when a rat will not eat the product.

Hopefully the Grow bars will do better!

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say its Met-Rx. And I’m gonna say it’s the protein plus. Chocolate peanut butter isn’t too bad, but the other one sucks ass. I bet your rat didn’t like the bitter grease in the bar.

perhaps there is rat feet in the bars hence the good rat didn’t want to be a cannibal since that would interfere with his religious beliefs…

yeah im gonna have to agree that its a met-rx protein plus. actually i wouldnt be surprised if its a pure protein strawberry cheescake. that tasted like i was licking the inside of a zebra’s ass.

before surge came out i was making my own version of a post workout shake with hydrolized way, maltodextrin, and dextrose. anyways, my lab comes running up as i was making it one time so i was like fine, i will let her taste it. i took a spoonfull of it and put it near her nose. she sniffed it, then licked it, then ran all the way to the corner of the room with her tail tucked. now, every single time i use the blender she runs off with her tail tucked like she does when i use the vacuum cleaner. i still laugh about it to this day. if i get close to her with the blender and act like i’m going to put it anywhere near her mouth or nose she yelps. thank god for Surge.

Speaking of GOOD tasting bars, I just has a Labrada Texas Pecan Pie bar yesterday. Shit Dog! It was delicious!

There are brands that I don’t waste my dollar on. And I think you guys know which ones… And there are ones where occasionally I’ll slap down the $2.99 for. But the rat not wanting to lick the protein bar, doesn’t surprise me. Our African Grey Parrot wouldn’t touch one either - and he’s a “piggy” would try ANYTHING.

I gotta try Labrada, though. You guys have certainly piqued my interest there!

I used to have a pet boa who would have loved to have your GF’s pet rat over for dinner.