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Protein Bar Suggestions


Not a fan of protein bars for the most part, as I know 99% of them are loaded with crap.

As Metabolic Drive bars are out of stock, any suggestions on halfway decent ones I could snag a box of relatively easily? Have a long weekend trip coming up where some conveniently stowable relatively healthy calories would be ideal.



I keep hearing/reading/seeing that quest bars are the shit, but I've personally never tried them.

I've always been a big fan of the OH YEAH brand bars as I find them extremely tasty. Have pretty much cut protein bars out of my diet for the last 8 months though.


Maybe you should add them back in. Lots of them.



Im a fan of Quest. Lots of fibre, minimal ingredients and good sources of protein. also plenty of flavour options. Good for anytime outside of your workout. For workout purposes I prefer Finibars. Also looking forward to the md bars coming back out.


I'm also a fan of the Quest bars for same reasons. Minimal ingredients, no crap, and good quality protein. I use them for convenience when I can't get to any food.


Yep I agree guys.A good bar that's not filled with crap.


Quest bars. Good quality protein,minimal ingredients and loads of fiber. Taste great too.


+6 on quest bars. Good variety of flavors too.


What I like about the Quest bars is no sugar alcohols therefore no heartburn.


I like Quest for an everyday bar when I need it. The new cookie dough is really good.

I still use FiniBars for my preworkout.

I cannot wait for the new Metabolic Drive bars to be release.


I use fini's and love em as well.I can't wait for the met-drive bars also, but Brady your dead on about the new Quest cookie dough flavor.


I like Quest bars, too.. but its hard to justify $2 for 20g protein =/


I agrees, cheapest I have seen is $25 for a box of 12. expensive. I usually buy 2 boxes at a time, but those will last me 3-4 months. I only use when I am on the road or at busy times.

I am glad the MD bars will be cheaper. :slightly_smiling:


I've been eating a bunch of the Power Crunch bars lately. Actually only one a day now, but They only have 10g/carbs. The fat content is a little higher, but they're great for when you're watching carbs. Those quest bars have anywhere from 20-25g/carbs, yet they try to pawn them off as having only "3g 'net carbs' ".
The quest bars are good, but that's a lot of carbs for such a small bar.


Thanks all, looks like it's Quest in a landslide. Will snag a box.


Might not be your thing, but have you considered making your own protein bars? Keeps the junk out and you can actually get some pretty good tasting bars going!

I follow a lot of Anna Swards recipes.


Quest bars are great, those are the most "natural" you will find with a protein bar, the cookie flavor is the best one. Only problem is that they don't really have a ton of calories in them, depending on your size, I think that the GNC protein bars are good, they are like 490 calories 50 grams of carbs 30 grams of protein, I do believe it is a blend of protein consisting of protein concentrate and isolate, but it's a protein bar so what are you gonna do.

I knew a guy who had only one meal a day his girlfriend used to cook him and then the five other meals he had throughout the day were either the GNC bars or a protein drink and he had a respectable physique, althuogh he took about three 45 minute dumps per day on a six hour shift.


Quest bars are legit as fuck. Sweetened with stevia, real ingredients, whey isolate, no soy bullshit. The flavors are spot on. Try microwaving for 5 seconds on each side (unwrapped in a paper plate of course), and it becomes more of a soft baked cookie than a protein bar. IMHO go for either chocolate brownie or choc chip cookie dough.


Right on,warming them Is the only way I eat them.The banana nut Is a staple for me as well as the two you spoke of.


Make your own. I'm always making protein bars and buns. They taste great, and can be made to any spec (My Chocolate Buns at the moment are 30g Protein, 30g Carbs and about 5g healthy Fat. They're small but filling and make a great snack/ dessert) It takes less than 20 minutes to make a batch and you're the boss of your quality control