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Protein Bar Scam

Why do all these comapnies put out these seemingly 100% protein, only for me to find that not one is even 50% protein in terms of calories content. I want a protein bar, not a whey-filled Snickers. Is their any company on this planet that makes a bar that is at least half protein?

Hey where r u from b/c i’ve heard that there are different guidelines as to how much protein bars can be off the label claims. In canada i think it’s 10% and the US it’s about 20%. It’s pretty scary though b/c some of them taste too good to be true. (Lean Body and Pure Protein). I try to find out how some of them tested. There is a new 2001 lab review out now…it should be in your local GNC, I work there so I’ll check it out…even has some cool comments about Biotest prod’s.

Training is not about tasty, that’s the cause of most people to be in the gym to beign with. I’m looking for a convenient protein source that I can get with a slight chocolate taste. I wish they’d just press whey powder into a bar a dip it in yogurt.

Biotest has always warned about the hidden calories from glycerine. Grow bars, they promise, won’t duplicate this trick. AST makes a “Vyo-Pro” bar without hidden glycerine calories, but it doesn’t taste too great. Until Grow bars come out, I’ll stick with 50-cent tuna as the preferred reliable protein snack.

BTW, T-mag recently promised they were preparing an expose on the crummy “protein” bars being sold now–revealing the horse hooves, collagen, soy, and other junk being passed off as protein. Is this still in the works? I’m REALLY eager to read it.

There are no Hidden Calories in protein bars. Although the glycerine isn’t listed under carbohydrates, it’s cleary reflected in the calorie listing on the label. To be decent tasting a bar can only have so much protein. Try Pro42 from ISS, it’s a dry rock. Nobody ever claimed 100% protein, I hope you didn’t assume that because it’s called a “protein” bar.

But if you buy a granola bar, wuldn’t you expect it to be at LEAST 50% granola?
And you CAN expect high protein amounts, I have done it! Take a scoop of thick whey powder, add a teaspoon or two of milk, two packs of sweet’n’low, and some granola bits for flavor.
Squeeze into ball, sprinkle with cinnamon, put it in the freezer. It’s the same texture as a normal bar once frozen.
20g Protein
5g Carbs (less if you want)
1g Fat (from powder and milk)

110 Calories, 72% protein.
Now, can’t people with high paying salaries in lab coats with access a multitude of flavour enhancers and binders do a better job than this homemade protein ball?

Take your homemade protein bar, package it in boxes of 12 and let it sit at room tempature for a few months and then see how it taste. Don’t forget that they also include vitamins and minerals in the bar. How do you think yours would taste if you crushed up a multivitamin and mixed it in? Look at what happened to the bar market after PureProtein came out. Almost all of the other bars were discontinued and their makers came out with glycerine based with 30+ grams of protein. It’s what sells so nothing will change.