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Protein Bar Recomendations

i was wondering if anyone could recomend a go protein bar. With so many different companies i really need some help and some input would really be welcomed. thanks.

Are you open to making your own? It really is your best bet right now.

Good luck. I haven’t seen anything out there that I’d be willing to put in my body. Most are glorified candy bars with low quality protein. Nobody wants protein from collagen and/or soy.

As soon as they bring back a GROW bar… but pro 42 bars are not the worst thing in the world.

Speaking of making your own, i’ll throw in my own recipe. Well i kinda stole it from JB’s site, but modified it a bit. 2 scoops LC Grow chocolate, 2 scoops ground flax(using same size scoop as the Grow), 6 tbsp natty pb, 1/4 cup peanuts, 1/2 cup water, and splenda…just mix it all up, shape it into bars or cookies or whatever you’d like and throw in the freezer…low carb, real protien, good fats, and the taste is amazing. Total for the whole mix is approx 1100 cals, 80 pro, 20 carbs, 90 fat

[quote]Deuce wrote:
… 6 tbsp natty pb, …

Did you mean Nutty PB or…?

[quote]Luigi wrote:
Deuce wrote:
… 6 tbsp natty pb, …

Did you mean Nutty PB or…?


Natty PB is natural peanut butter.

Natural…the kind with the oil on top, the kind you have to mix up.

You say to put them in the freezer… If you took them to work or something, would they completely melt when they thaw or do they hold their shap fairly well?

They would get very sticky, and lose shape, and get pretty messy. I would say, mix it up, put it in the freezer in a tupperware. That way when you take it to work, and are ready to eat, even if it is melted, it will just be a pudding instead of a bar. Good both ways, I just happen to like the taste better when they are frozen. Any body try these yet? I love them, curious as to what others think?