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Protein Bar Recipes for Vegetarians

does anyone have a good/easy low GI high protein bar recipe for a vegetarian? damn that didnt seem so specific when i though about it…

it’s not a protein bar, but you could mix natural peanutbutter with rice protein and some milled flax seeds. I’ve done this before. They’re kind’ve hard to eat but have a lot of protein and fiber.

You could get wheat gluten (80% protien) and mix it with beans (canned or pre-cooked), add water and bake it like brownies. I’ve done this and the outcome is a high-protein zero-fat hearty, chewy brownie type substance.

I didn’t mind the taste, but I eat anything.

1 cup natural peanut butter
4 scoops favorite Low-Carb Grow!
4 oz of chopped walnutscvzxcv
4 oz of chopped almonds
2 cups raw oats
touch of cinnamon
2 pounds of beef jerky

mix everything together except the jerky … make bars

send me the jerky