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Protein Bar Recipe

Hey Folks…

OK, I really want to try to make some protien bars using Grow!. I know a while back I seen a post or an article with a recipe, but I can’t seem to find it. When I do a search for “protien bar” I get 2887 results, when I do a search for “protien bar recipe” I get 7511 results… I mean I have time to kill at work, but not that much…

I’m also interested in if anyone out there concocted their own protien bar recipes that are good or work… Post them, share the wealth…



Not exactly a protein bar, but

egg whites
protein powder

80 g oats, 4 egg whies, any amount of ppopwder, add nuts/raisins (i like dates) and bake till cooked.

Protein bar.

Cream cheese
p powder
any other nuts/raisins

Warm butter (2 tbl spoons) and cream cheese till fluid. (1 pack).

Add protein powder and mix till dough like, knead in nuts (!) and dried fruit (optional but nice) and freeze.

You will need to eat it cold, or it goes tacky. but is nice.

experiment on amounts as i forget.

Some of the Berardi (Dr. Berardi!) articles have recipes. Try doing a search on “berardi recipes”.

E.g. http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=518652