Protein Bar Poll. Win Supps!


What do you think is the highest quality protein bar or food bar on the market? (Hopefully it actually meets label claims, unlike Tri-O-Plex, Detour etc.)

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Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Diet Bar is a pretty good low-carb bar.

met-rx protein plus

I use to like Labradas lean body but it’s been a good while since I’ve eaten protein bars. I stick with good ole’ home made beef jerky in a baggy and gatorade.

I’d have to go with Parillo bars

According to the lab tests, Detour actually was very close to label claims in terms of total carbohydrates, protein, and fat. So I’m gonna go with a One-Way bar, because they taste mad good.

My other choice would be a MET-RX PB Cookie Dough, because they have no transfats.

REAL protein bars

LoneLobo - Actually, the first test done on the Detour bars showed them to be way the hell off label claims. WAY off! Then, after everyone got hooked on the great taste, they fixed the problem so that the labels were only a little off (according to the last lab test I saw). Nice little marketing trick, huh? What a great company!

Balance Bars

They pretty much all such. The ones with the wrong label claims taste the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Snickers. The rest taste like cardboard.

I don’t think any bars out there are reputable. I do like the Snickers Marathon bar though ;). Come on I am kidding guys.

The best bars though Met-rx cookie dough, Lee Lambrada bars, EAS bars.


Steele bars

I use to like Met-Rx protein plus quite a bit. But since they’ve been “reoraganizing” the quality came down a little. I’ve tried the Atkins bars and the taste isn’t bad, no clue on quality though. Low carb but too much glycerin. So I can’t say I’ve found a favorite yet. Good quality is rare to come by sometimes with supplements.

Ah. I stand corrected. I’d only seen the most recent tests done at , or whatever that site is. What did they claim they were?

Triple Delicious Protein Bar. Al 3 flavors are great. Very, very close to label as far as I know. Company gets alot of good word of mouth around the gym thus far. But to be honest I wish biotest would bring back the lemon grow bar. Not kissing up, I just loved them alot.

I wish I could say I liked any protein bars. I’ll go with meso-tech if I have to!!!

A buddy of mine is big on Zone bars,… actually I’ve lost all confidence in this market since Biotest quit making the Grow Bars.

Labeling problems have led to too many questions about the major brands.

snickers man… ton’s of calories. perfect for those on the bulk.

I’m not a real big fan of protein bars, but when in a pinch I like to have a Balance Bar Gold. The taste is decent and I think its just as good as any other choice though none of the protein bars (or energy bars for that matter) out there are ideal as far as ingredients go - but sometimes ya just gotta make due!