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Protein Bar Help

So exams are coming up and I have the need to work late in the library. My workouts are in the evening so making some mrp bars seems like a good idea.

In my armoury I have

200g of ground almonds
2kg of oats (can be made into oatmeal)
10lb of whey
Xanthum Gum

I am going shopping tomorrow for food. Looking at a previous recipe

[quote]Nat’s Low-Carb Protein Bars (4 servings)


4 scoops - Whey Protein Powder, chocolate (Body Fortress)
2 Tbsp - Flaxseed (organic, ground, by Spectrum)
4 Tbsp - Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter (chunky)
1/4 cup - water[/quote]The PB seems to be the binder. Also since the yield is only four I am assuming there is one scoop per bar.

I am debating whether to go down the cooked route, which means that I use eggs instead of peanut butter. They need to be freezable for about a month, as I plan to make about 35 just get it down all in one go. My idea nutrients would probably be

Kcals - 500
Protein - 20-30g
Carbs - 50gish
Fat - 20gish

This means that on a basic level, I need 17500kcals. I will probably need, according to fitday:

Total 17017/850/1280/1184
200g almonds - 1260/112/9/51
30 scopes of whey - 3660/51/99/690
1.5kg Peanuts - 7117/604/232/323
900g Oat - 3560/80/600/110
500g Dried Mixed Fruit - 1420/2/340/11
Per bar - 486/24/36/33

A little carb heavy but nice with the protein. The issue now is how the hell do I bind this all together. Obviously there will be some oil from the peanuts which I will blitz myself, but the oats and whey will suck it up. I suppose the possibility could be to use eggs or xantham gum+water, or do you think water by itself would work?