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Protein Bar Expiration Dates?

For protein Bar products, if the expiration is say of earlier this year, is it still good, for instance do they lose protein/nutrient value after the date??

anyone know about this. im sitting on several boxes that are turning the corner…

You guys eat them and let us know…

[quote]sandyjoyce wrote:
You guys eat them and let us know…

For real. Factors to think about when something passes the expiration date are how it was stored, how it is packaged and what the ingredients are. I personally wouldn’t sit around eating expired food products. If you have “several boxes” just lying around past the expiration date, it is clear that you aren’t eating them anyway so throw them out and get more. I mean, unless this is a life or death situation, all food has been wiped off the face of the earth and your only chance for survival is some expired protein bars, then eat up. Otherwise, what the hell is the point?

Do you drink expired milk?

Mmmm, chunky.