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Protein At One Setting

Just bought Berardi’s e-book. I noticed a few of the meals had 70+ grams of protein per serving. What is the limit of what your body can absorb at a setting? I thought it was closer to 50.


There’s no number, soco. The amount of protein your body can utilize in one sitting depends on a number of factors – like whether you’ve just worked out, whether you’re cutting or bulking, carb intake, LBM, metabolism, level of conditioning. I’m sure there are others.

If you’re using one of JB’s recipes and the protein intake is higher than you want for a given meal, just scale back the amount you serve yourself. Save what’s left over for a snack.

After working out I have seen numbers that indicate 1/4 of your body weight in grams. If your weight is 200 Lbs then 1/4 is 50 grams… If your weight is 300 Lbs (with lots of muscles not fat) then 1/4 is 75 grams.

Some people figure it on your lean body mass weight.

The extra protein not needed will be converted to glucose in the liver. One should note that the post workout drink has 1/2 of your body weight in grams of fast carbs. The liver will trigger the protein conversion to glucose at a lower protein amount with protein only drink.