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Protein at Costco

My local Costco store has discontinued the EAS protein and now sells protein packaged under their Kirkland brand. Anyone know if it’s the same as the EAS? I was hoping Costco had the manufacture that packages it for EAS, package it for them.

Interesting. As much as I complain about Costco protein, I like it when my mother picks it up for me and brings it over (she doesn’t know about proteins and thinks they’re all created equal).

It’s just good to have on hand so when my friends ask me for a shake on our way to the gym I don’t have to give them any of my Metabolic Drive or Surge Recovery.

Do you get the same amount of servings for the price?

They also sell MuscleMilk brand protein, which I find to be very good. I have also used the ready-to-drink protein they sell (both brands). I doubt if the Kirkland brand is the same as EAS (but all Kirkland products include on the label the name of the original manufacturer–so check the label–it will be printed on there who makes their protein).