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Protein and the bowels

My mother went in for surgery a few months back to remove a 15 lb cist the size of a basketball. Seeing that she was over 300 lbs at 5’7" she decided that she would undergo a weight loss surgery in conjunction with the removal of the cist.

My question is that she’s on a diet that focuses on protein intake and she had been looking for a protein powder that would be good for her. I told her about Advanced Protein but she decided to use Designer Protein instead. She found that her bowels wouldn’t allow her to hold it as she made the quick run to the porcelain throne. Now she’s decided she can’t consume whey protein in powdered form and is looking to start in on a soy powder of some form.

What do you think the reasons are for her problems with the whey protein? Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful.