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Protein and T Levels


I just picked up one of the most well-known journal studies that shows how T is positively correlated with SFA (Sat Fats), Tot Fat and MUFAs and negatively with polys.

But I found a shocker: protein and protein/carb ratio were negatively correlated with T. Can anyone explain this?
And, yes, I know protein is sacred and the stuff of life, so I'm not looking to get flamed: I'm just interested in the science/studies behind this...


I believe Doc Berardi has said a few things on this. I can't remember which article (Protein Prejudice maybe?), but he stated that a cho/pro ratio of something like 1.4:1 works very well for Test formation.

This may not be what you were looking for, but it is a place to start. I'll see if I can find the article that I was thinking of in a little bit.


Again, I am interested in knowing that the 1.0+ g/lb concept is well-supported by research and also why some studies (cuzz this wasn't the only one) show that protein is a negative correlation to T-levels.


Thx. I'll look it up. And if you can find the reference, I'd appreciate it...I just want to find out at what point I'm swimming upstream. At 45 you gotta worry much more about going catabolic...


Well, what I was thinking of wasn't the right stuff. From the Protein Prejudice article:


It doesn't look like I can be of much help. I did find a couple of discussions on your topic-one of which I was looking for myself- that could help you.




Perfect links. Not that much information, but matched with the question I was asking almost exactly. :slight_smile:


Great article! Thx for pointing it out.

I still find it odd, though, that T can be hurt by protein.

Something just doesn't add up here...