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Protein and Other Supplements


OK guys I started hitting the gym again from a long time ago. This is my first time around messing with any type of supplements though. I went out a bought ON Whey Protein. I've been told in the past to use NoXplode along with it...what do you guys think?

Also I got Vanilla Ice cream flavor..I know I can mix it with water...should I also try with Milk?


Whey/Casein blend is superior for a MRP. There's a considerable amount of research that shows this.As it so happens this site carries a great MRP(Metobolic Drive) Also Vrooms beginners thread is a great place to start on this site.


Nothing else?


I take No-Xplode before each workout and feel it very much for energy. I am a big fan of it.
You can mix your protein with milk, I do and prefer it. Tastes much better IMO and they usually recommend water because it is easier on your stomach to digest. Just watch the whole milk if you are trying to cut some cals and taking lots of protein.


When should I take the protein? Morning, pre-workout, post workout, as a meal replacement? What?


This depends on a number of things..

a big one would be your goals.

Obviously the amount of protein you want in your diet for the majority should come from actual food.(MEAT) So the shakes are a good substitute for this and serve their jobs well. As far as the Pre-Post Workout question, lots of people around here (myself included) prefer and use Surge. It can be split up before/during/or after. You can find it in the T-Nation store.

Hope that helps.