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Protein and Fish Oil

Ok im currently 202 pds. I am working hard to get my abs back. Now i am fixin to purchase protein. The only cardio i do is at the end of everywork out i jump rope a good 5-10 min. and it is doing wonders.

My question is tho everywhere i go i hear you need to take fish oil because it helps you so much health wise. I’ve also heard it is a fat burner. Now Im tryin to Get lean, but im trying to keep every bit of muscle mass i can. I lift heavy. So if im takin protein and fish oil, will i be able to shed the body fat and keep as much muscle as possible??? My work out is

Monday- Chest
Tuesday- Shoulders, Traps, Back
Wednesday- Legs, Calves,
Thursday- Arms
Friday- Chest
Sat- legs

I do jumproping every day except sunday, and abs as well. Please help me out wit this