Protein and Fats

Hey everyone I was just wondering, I think I got too many protein and carb meals in my diet. I was just wondering what some protein and fat meals would be.

Protein I’d use the regular, chicken, ground beef, salmon etc. but what do I use for fats? and how much fats am i going for? I just wanna switch 1 or 2 meals, closer to night time make it a protein and fat meal.

Also off topic: how come oatmeal is good for breakfast? i just have a whole wheat bagel for carbs with butter n cheese, also 4 whole eggs, banana, and protein shake.

my morning breakfast right now consists of about cup n half or 2 cups oatmeal. +4 whole eggs.

Or 2 cups of oatmeal +scoop of whey. + couple handfuls of almonds

as far as protein+fat meals. Couple tblspoons of extra light tasting olive oil, or almonds, walnuts any raw nuts really. I choose almonds cause they got more carbs. avocados are great. just any natural good fats will work. yet the latter is what I stick with myself. oh coconut is good to yet price for me sometimes.

oh i see…is that all i eat though
chicken and then some almonds, and then maybe a salad with olive oil…that would be a good protein + fats meal?

how about eating some good old sausage, eggs, franks, ham, beef patties, cheese, etc?

[quote]rasturai wrote:
oh i see…is that all i eat though
chicken and then some almonds, and then maybe a salad with olive oil…that would be a good protein + fats meal?[/quote]

yeah exactly. Ill eat about 1/2 cup of almonds wit meals sometimes. when in dire need of cals sometimes ill make 980 calorie shakes with that light tasting olive oil. 6 tblsps + 2 scoops whey protein.

ya like ceasar said cheeese to is good. just sometimes it doesnt sit well with me in large quantities. anyways just stick with those and you should be fine.

sometimes for dinner (which is usually my main p+F meal)ill eat a 6-8 egg omelette with an avocado, maybe some more veggies. handful or two of almonds. lil cheeeese and im usually stuffed.

makes sense. How do you eat sausages and just sausages for a P+F meal? lol I’ve never eaten a sausage without eating it on some type of bun or something?

my breakfast I mix P+F+C is that bad?
Cause I eat whole eggs, banana, bagel with cheese and butter and protein shake.

Everything else is pretty much a P+C meal
Oh Actually…I also eat PB sandwhich…but PB has the natural fats in it…but I eat it with bread obviosuly…lol…so tahts again P+F+C
this is bad isnt it?

Depending on your goals, if your bulking/gaining its fine. But if your maintaining, which is what im assuming from your posts, then your going to want to stay away from it for best results.

Im at college eating out of the dining halls now, so I have had to be creative with some P+F meals. One I love, but i know is not the best for me, is grilled chicken breast dipped in hot sauce and then dipped in blue cheese. Makes poor mans chicken wings haha. And add some celery and broccoli to this. Even throw some oil, salt, and pepper on the broccoli its delicious.

Another is dry tuna, pour oil on it, and i like mine with some champagne vinegar mixed in. Eat with some celery and provolone cheese on the side.

Or try grilled chicken breast, cut it up, throw some flavorful hot sauce on it and then some oil, and eat it with a salad. This is the best for you, but it can be a little bland.

Cheese is great for you, good range of fats with amount of protein. At night I would recommend nuts and protein, either a shake or whatever you want. Cottage cheese is great too.

This is my first post here (lurked for a while, don’t flame me too hard!). I’m curious why there’s such a bias against having P+F+C for breakfast? It’s the only meal I tend to eat that combination at but it hasn’t affected my results at all. Obviously everyone is going to respond differently to nutrient combinations, but even some of the experts and authors on this site have said to “eat a big breakfast” with all three.

For point of reference, I’m 5’11, about 195 and I wish I had a better idea what my bodyfat % was. I recently cut down from about 270 (fat and out of shape :frowning: ) during the course of the past year. I made my most dramatic gains when I dialed my diet in, but I always included a big breakfast of lean meat (chicken or turkey sausage etc), eggs and oatmeal. I wouldn’t skip that breakfast ever.

Just sort of curious why there’s such an anti carb bias. I made progress without being fanatical. I made significant progress when I reduced my carbs sub 100g/ day (not counting PWO) and wasn’t necessarily ketogenic.

edit: I should also add that having a substantial breakfast tends to positively affect my energy levels and general mood throughout the day, and of course contributes to more intense workouts.

[quote]rasturai wrote:
Hey everyone I was just wondering, I think I got too many protein and carb meals in my diet. I was just wondering what some protein and fat meals would be.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the C+F thing. Berardi has even moved away from the dogma that you should always split into clean P+C and P+F. The point is to be thinking about the insulin response to a meal and not do stupid things like spike insulin right before going to sleep.

For breakfast its fine, get your energy for the day however you want to. At night, P+F isnt a bad idea though as fats tend to be slower digesting, so they’ll give your body constant cals as you sleep.

I usually toss back a casein shake and a couple tbls of natty pb before bed. Other good fat sources: eggs (w/ cinnamon and pb before bed is awesome), avocados, most nuts, fish oil, coconut oil, and some cheese.

in terms of keeping full, try adding canned pumpkin to your shakes…this is a perfect night time meal for me;

1/2 cup pumpkin
1 scoop chocolate Metabolic Drive
2 table spoons natural peanut butter
2 servings of flaxseed
lots of cinnamon

Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll add it all in.
I got a question though
What does this exactly mean
“The point is to be thinking about the insulin response to a meal and not do stupid things like spike insulin right before going to sleep.”
How do you spike insulin?
I’m kinda new

Well, you generally will spike insulin by eating foods that have a high glycemic load or index. And depending on your body type, if you don’t handle insulin well, and eat carbs that have high glycemic loads, it’s bad news bears for fat loss (the exception of course is post workout nutrition)

So what they’re saying is avoid eating too many carbs before bed if fat loss is your goal. And if you’re trying to put on some size, then your carb sources should mainly come from fruits (berries are low on the scale) veggies, or yogurt or organic, whole milk.

well i checked out a couple of glycemix charts and i never knew what the difference was between low and high and now I do.
I can eat the foods high on the GI after workouts and such, and throughout the day probably be better to keep it low on the GI.

If I’m putting on size though, it probably wouldnt matter low or high…I’d try to kep it fairly clean though and have pasta and such, but rice it says high…but id still eat rice…hell if we’re trying to put on size we can pretty much eat anything right…if protein is high that is
this is the best chart I know of. yes, eat high GL foods post workout.

in regards to putting on size…that’s really not true at all that you can eat any carb from any source. You see, if you eat lots of clean foods, your body will be healthy, and the healthier it is, the easier it will be to put on muscle at it’s fastest and healthiest rate, while minimizing fat gain. You really should read Chris Shugart’s latest article on clean bulking.

Don’t ever fall under the mentality of “because I’m trying to get big, I can eat whatever I want”. It’s just unhealthy and dangerous. If trying to put on size, your best carb sources should be;

All fruits.
All veggies.
Oatmeal or oat bran
Organic yogurt
Organic milk
Brown rice (not always recommended, but for some, it’s okay)

ONCE and a while it’s okay to have pasta or breads if it’s a cheat meal, but I would advise eating clean 90% of the time to maximize your gains.

Just to make a comment. These glycemic load/index charts are measured on 50grams of carb content. For example, white rice is high on the chart, but when you add protein and some healthy fats (both of which take a while to digest) the overall glycemic index of the meal will be greatly reduced. Almost to the point where it doesn’t actually matter.

However, I will say that, foods lower in G.I by themselves (for example oatmeal) most likely have a higher fiber content which can help you feel fuller for longer. This can make a huge difference in a persons diet and should influence their food choices. Also, these foods probably have better vitamin and mineral compositions as well.

Just some food for thought.