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Protein and Fat PWO for More Fat Loss?


i was reading johns article about fat and his extrememe fat loss pwo got me curious. it is noting but protein and fat with no carbs. i was wondering if anybody has tried this. im current trying to lose fat and if it will yield extreme fat loss i want to give it a try but everything i have ever read about pWO has alway said nothing but protein and carbs with as little fat as possible.

this is the article http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/the_truth_about_saturated_fat


I have done P+F PWO for long periods with good results, both cutting and gaining.

My recipes was 2-4 scoops of a good whey + X# Tbs of olive oil (up to 9 while gaining).

As to its overall effectiveness, it will have little effect if not matched with a good overall cutting strategy, and only seems appropriate when it fits well into one's dietary approach. It works wonderfully on cyclical keto diets IME.




Do you drink the olive oil plain or with whey protein, doesn't it taste like crap with a flavored protein?

I'm an advocate of carbs and haven't dared to try it -- I'll stick with my whey, malto, and oats!


I personally throw EVOO into shakes all the time, usually chocolate or vanilla. Doesn't effect the taste at all, and not even the consistency that much.


did you notice more fat loss?


^ He said it's effectiveness depends on your strategy -- that means you'll get fatloss if you train smart and eat under your maintenance in calories.


I have mixed it with a few different kinds of chocolate whey, it often tastes weirdly like ginger bread, and I enjoy it fairly well. It does not (in larger amounts) taste good with vanilla, and I imagine would be terrible with a few other flavors, but you never know until you try.

I find that the better quality the EVOO, the more burning sensation (similar to that of apple cider vinegar), which can effect the taste.

In terms of fat loss, following this protocol I have lost up to 15 lbs of fat in 3 weeks (no significant lean mass losses) without cardio, but with significant reduction in overall calories.

I have found it to work similarly as well using such a protocol on cyclical keto mass gaining diets, such as the AD.


I put prolly 2 tbsp in my shakes and hardly notice it. My shakes end up being ~20 oz though.