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Protein and Creatine in Same Drink


Sorry if this has been discussed before, but say I want to combine my whey protein and creatine in the same drink, and the protein is supposed to be 25 g per 300 ml, while the creatine is 5 g per 200 ml. Does that mean I have to to a 500 ml drink for the combination to dissolve properly? Or will they not "disturb" each other and I can put both in 300 ml?

Sorry again if this is blatantly obvious!


Just for future information, the suggested amount of water used is simply a suggestion, not a set in stone rule. You could put the scoop of creatine on your tongue and choke it down. So yes, mix the two as they won't "disturb" one another using as much or as little water as you'd like to use to get the desired consistency/taste you prefer.


Oh, cool! Thanks! Just thought that it had to do with how well it dissolved, as I know some medication needs to be properly dissolved in enough liquid before intake.

Thanks again!


Only thing is, some people get upset stomachs if they don't drink creatine in a large solution. If you find that happening to you, increase the liquid


That makes sense, thanks!


I either mix it with my protein shake or just put the scooop in my mouth and wash it down with some water.