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Protein and Breakouts?


A friend told me that you 'know' your protein is working when you start breaking out. I knew it was working when my muscles were healing faster(pain-wise). I did notice the same day he told me that i was having some odd breakouts.

Is it true that protein can cause you to breakout?


Um....no. Not unless it's doped with androgens. It will make your gas stink worse than before, however.


And chocolate doesn't either.
And your lack of pain is simply a byproduct of body assimilation to the given stressload, not to your protein intake.


Your friend is way off.

I'd be curious if eggs make him breakout too. Lots of people (non-lifters) eat foods high in protein (eggs, fish, meat). Are all they walking around with acne?



Don't think so. I've never noticed breakouts from protein intake.