protein amount

i heard that the most your body can consume in one sitting is 50 grams of protein and any more is harmful. is this true?

I’d say it’s individual…

Back when I first started to train, I’d have one scoop of protein powder (~20 g of P) along with some rice+tuna (which had roughly 23g P)…

10-30 min. later, I’d have to dash to the can and cry out in pain that I was losing all the protein I just ingested.

Once I cut back a bit I was ok. Now I just eat more in smaller chunks during the day…

This has been discussed here before, but I believe that it varies from person to person as well as the nutritional state of the person at the time the protein is consumed. Lots of variables here. No proof that there is XX# grams that can be used by the body at any given time.

Yes, the protein will eat a hole in your stomach lining and you will end up with a serious disease called, “lactoferrousthemotitis”.

If you get this disease you will have to be on a special diet of soft boiled vegetables for at least one year!

I am sure glad you had the foresight to write in to T-mag and confirm your thoughts. You are smart!

(wahahahah I apologize, but I just could not resist).