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Protein Amount in Chris Aceto's Endo Diet from Championship Bodybuilding?

In Chris acetos book championship bodybuilding he has a hi-lo diet for endos which states 2g protein per lb bodweight with 100g carbs per day which puts my protein intake at nearly 600g per day which seems rather excessive. In his other book Everything you need to know about fat loss he puts protein intake at 1.5g per lb ideal weight which seems more realistic. Anyone able to throw some light on this would be appreciated???

Those are 2 different diets. Everything is relative. Protein intake is relative to carb and fat intake in any diet. You’re only presenting a fraction of the variables at play. 2g protein CAN make sense in the proper context, and 1.5 can too. I personally eat less than 1g protein per lbs of bodyweight and do fine.

sometimes you’re including protein in a diet because you need the specific benefits from protein. Other times you just need more calories so you bank in the additional TEF and some extra hunger blunting that accompanies extra protein intake.