Protein after PM Jump rope?

I am currently on a cutting phase. Do I need to take protein after I do my jump rope routine? The reason I ask, is because I jump rope at about 9:00 pm and go to bed at 10:30. Want to lose as much fat as possible without losing lbm. Thanks in advance.

It sounds like you are not eating anything prior to going to bed. You need to eat prior to going to bed to prevent night-time muscle catabolism. No-fat Cottage cheese is perfect.

In Faith,

I would consume some sort of BCAA’s/protein shake. The reason is that Jumping Rope is anabolic. To preserve as much Lean Mass as possible, this would be a good idea. EX. Low Carb GROW!

I’m normally NOT hungry after a jump rope session.

And if the goal is to lose BF, then I wouldn’t consume any meal(s) after a late night jump rope session. Low Carb Grow! may be the way to go; however, keep a close eye to your progress. If you’re stalling in your quest to lose bf, than you may have to quit even the after-rope shake.

HIIT alone will certainly help preserve LBM; much more so than long, steady state cardio.

And I agree that if you’re raging hungry late at night; refer to your food log, there’s a possibility that you have not consumed enough food during the day.

Thanks for replies. Currently, I have been eating a casein type protein drink with about 4 fish oil caps. I was wondering if I needed the protein before bed. Just trying to get the best amount of fat loss without losing muscle. Currently taking Tribex, M, old T-2. I’m sure these supps will probably help with keeping lbm. I’ll try without and see what happens.