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Protein After HIIT/Wights?

Hey guys, i’ve been reading alot of articles but they seem to only bring out more questions that I can’t find answers to. Any answers to the questions would be greatly appreciated and helpful!

My goal is to sustain mass and lose body fat…go figure! lol. But my question is, if i’m doing 2 HIIT sprints per week, and a 3 day split routine to sustain mass…

  1. Should I be eating nothing after HIIT for 1-2 hours? I read that in one of the posts because carbs will inhibit the lipolysis. What if I ate P+F? will that also inhibit lipolysis?

  2. Im eating low carb, High P+F, should I eat my carbs in the morning and none at night? If i’m having a Grow! protein shake, Pre/post workout, should I add some simple carb to Grow! ? cause it’s all i can afford, can’t do Surge, glutamine, leucine etc. Or is just protein itself sufficient?

  3. If i change my weight training session by doing the same, but combining the workouts like a superset (BB bench, bicep curl, abs) to burn extra calories… Which i’ve tried and is very fatiguing, but maybe not as fatiguing as HIIT, do I still want to drink that protein right afterwards? or treat it like an HIIT and wait so I don’t stop the fat breakdown? if that is really how it works…

  1. Isn’t really that important. Eat your next regularly scheduled meal at the scheduled time. If that means you’re downing meal #4 right after your HIIT, that’s okay.

Side note: P+F is preferable for most of your meals when cutting.

  1. Carbs at breakfast and PWO, you got it right. Peri-workout shake for the poor man is gatorade powder and whey protein. Depending on how low you wish to take your daily carbs, just protein is sufficient.

  2. Do not rush through your program. Don’t rest unnecessarily long either. Do what your program recommends. If you made it up yourself, rest however long you need to. Trying to turn a circuit into a superset can bump your metabolism, but it could also shortchange you strength gains. Of the two, I err on the side of keeping strength.

And yeah, down food right after your workouts.