Protein Advice

“The amount of protein you need depends mainly on how much you weigh. As a general rule you should eat anywhere from 0.28 to 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. So for a 130-lb person the daily intake of protein should be between 39 to 47 grams. Or, for a 170-lb person, the figures jump to between 51 and 61 grams.”

As read on a poster labeled Facts On Protein.

There is a health/fitness promotion course at the college. So it seems like the course had this big as poster put up in the hall (looks about 50 years old, like some one was cleaning out an old bunker and decided to recycle some shit as wall paper). This is what they are teaching?!?

Then again maybe this is accurate and what I learned myself is wrong. That would be 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

These are the same people who tell you too much protein is bad for you and will destry your kidneys and organs.

Am I being a ‘muscle building elitist’ or is this shit just retarded.

You would first need to define “need”

need as in : to have a body that is functionning ok and allows you to go rollerblading once per week

or need as in : getting as big as possible

See, not everybody trains and not everybody trains to build more muscles.

Im pretty sure this poster was not aimed at bodybuilders :wink:

Pretty sure the shit’s retarded. But I like how it acts like there’s a big difference between 39 and 47 grams.

Based on a youtube lecture I saw about vitamin D, most of that RDA stuff on nutrients is geared towards preventing disease due to obvious deficiency.

The RDA for Vitamin C is to prevent scurvy.
the RDA for Vitamin D is to prevent rickets.
The RDA for protein is to prevent… kwashiokor(?)

Google turned up a great link, the intro seems to have a good background on the nutrition bunker at your school.

Training is going to increase the demand for protein
Caloric deficit is going to increase the demand for protein
Carb deficit is going to increase the demand for protein
Wanting to get hyooge is going to increase the demand for protein.