Protein Absorption

I hear a lot of talk saying that you can only absorb something like 30g of protein within an hour or 2. However, I remember in an article here at T-Nation it was stated that, that little bit of info isnt true? So…myth or what?

29.9785421 grams to be exact.

This has been talked about many times. In fact, someone talked about this just recently. Do a search in the next page or two of this section, and you might find that thread and what was discussed.

However, the correct answer is: No one really knows, and you’re better off just eating a shitload of protein, just to be on the safe side of getting what you need to get bigger and stronger.

That was my theory…eat it in different meals if you can, otherwise better 150g all at once.

It would not be advisable to eat all of your protein needs in one meal for the day. What would you do for all the other meals? Carbs and fat?

I’m sure you already know that it is ideal to eat protein with every meal. But, if you have one extra large meal that contains 100+ grams of protein (and yes, I’ve had many like that), it doesn’t mean it will be wasted. And as long as you get enough with all the other meals, you make up for what may not be utilized in one large serving.

Yes I was just saying that if that was your only means of getting all the protein in. I usually try to keep it around 30g-40g a meal. Or rather, I will be as I have never really been strict on my nutrition, I will be starting this summer after im done my exams in a few days.

Here is the thread Dogg was taking about…

It was short…but a pretty darn good discussion…


Mufasa, where did you dig up that thread? I recall a relatively recent, lengthy discussion, involving Prof X and myself.

For the original question, absorption is not a problem, rather oxidation is limiting.


[quote]Mufasa wrote:
Here is the thread Dogg was taking about…

It was short…but a pretty darn good discussion…