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Protein Absorption & weight gain

Hello, all.

I'm currently doing a modified carb restrictive diet after a 40-pound bulking phase (by "restrictive" I'm keeping carbs at about 200g per day...I'm not a big ketosis fan for various personal reasons). My total caloric intake is about 2500 per day.

After this four-week period is over I'm going to go on another bulking phase, only this time the major increase in calories is going to come from protein and fat. At that point I'm going to increase my calories to about 4,000.

My question is two-fold. I can only eat 4 or 5 times per day (my schedule will not permit me to eat more often). How many grams of protien can the body assimilate at one feeding, assuming 3 to 4 hours or so in between meals? I've heard anywhere from 30g to 80g, so anyone with knowledge in this area can straighten this out for me.

Also, when I kick the calories up to about 4,000, the increase will have to come from protien and fat. I plan on keeping the carbs at 200g. What is the forum's opinion on a high fat/high protein diet for BULKING? I know the benefits as far as cutting up, but I assume you could add quality, fat free pounds on a high fat / high protein diet as well. If I'm totally wrong, please let me know before I go and do something totally stupid.


AS far as not eating carbs when bulking, I do not think it is a good idea. Carbohydrates will make you more anabolic in a sense. firstly low (200g)carbs will lead to progressive glycogen depletion which will lower the intensity you can train at. secondly higher glycogen stores will prevent protein degradation during exercise (BC oxacid dehydrogenase activity is inverserly proportional to glycogen levels, i.e. low glycogen stores more BCAA oxidation). Thirdly the anabolic effects of insulin from the carbs will promote growth. If your body needs X amount of grams of protein then spreading it evenly over five meals will suffice - you can absorb just about any amount of protein but if your body does not need it there and then the remainder will be deaminated but if your body needs that amount of protein then it will more than likely retain it.