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Protein Absorbtion Question

sry if the title is confusing but i just read an article on the site about bed time snacks and how to cottage cheese is really good for it.

Key notes :
-its better to eat fast absorbing protein like whey every 4 hours to increase protein synthesis
-its better to eat slow absorbing protein BUT it doesn’t necessarily say how often and when slow absorbing protein should be eaten (besides bed time of course)

So can anyone clearify this for me?

what i want to know is how often should i eat the slow absorbing protein and when?


Dont over think this eat it as often as needed to reach dietary and physique goals. Have a Hydro Whey like Surge Post W/o to halt catabolism and any other time rally #1 get your protein be it whole foods, shakes, cott cheese etc. Eating some type of meal all of which should contain a complete protein source every 3 hours or so would be great


I’m not sure I understand your question.

Whey is good when your body is starving. Casein is best when you have hours of fasting ahead.

That’s simply stating the obvious. Try to clarify your question.