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Protecting The Liver

Was reading through a bunch of threads tonight and I noticed a couple of opposing recommendations. Some folks say to take milk thistle, Liv52, etc while on cycle, while others say to save it for PCT, the idea being that it will hamper gains otherwise.

Of course these were oral only cycles, but still, curious as to which is the proper approach and why?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Well the ‘proper approach’ would be not to do an oral-only cycle, lol. J/K dude. Personally though, I’m not convinced about the LIV52 after reading conflicting reports on it. I’m not that sure of milk thistle either, though perhaps someone can convince me. I do use it though, but as part of my day-to-day supplimentation because my GF uses it, so it’s there for me to take, so why not…

Anyway, given a choice, my own liver protection would be extreme anti-oxidants (acai berry extract) to reduce free-radical damage, coupled with cell membrane repairing supps such as co-enzyme Q10, and EFAs (5 g plus ED) to offset any damage caused by those radicals that didn’t get mopped up.[/quote]

Ha. I knew you would call out the oral only cycle. I only used for this since most of the threads these days seem to include one.

I also thought that all the milk thistle, Liv52 type supplements had results that were more anecdotal than anything. That’s why I wondered why people thought they would have such a big impact on gains.

And interesting approach, choosing not to bolster the liver but more to take care of the downside byproducts. Hadn’t even thought of that.

And I had never even heard of acai berry. Look at you learning me up good.