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Protecting the Boys Doing TRT


I will be starting Test Cyp shots in a week or so. The Test had to be ordered by my pharmacy and an appointment set up for the first injection. I have been doing reading on this and got to admit to being confused. When I asked my doc about an AI to offset the bad things that go with TRT, he just said that it is not necessary. I went through hell getting to this point and didn't want to push it and possibly be told to hit the road.

The literature out there talks about "small doses of Arimidex, HCG, HGH and a couple other things. FWIW, my child creating days are pretty much over. I just don't want to end up with a balls like a pre-pubescent boy. Can anyone point me in a direction for plain language, no BS information on this.

Hope this made sense.


most of the information you are asking for can be found in the sticky threads at the top of this section.

Have you read through those posts?

If not, that would be my first recommendation. Afterwards, come back and post specific follow up questions if there are parts that you did not understand.


HCG can help with the shriveling-up part if that is an issue for you - not absolutely necessary, however, if you don't want to have kids anymore. The use of an AI such as Arimidex is almost alyways necessary when on TRT. If your doctor won't test you for E2, and will not consider prescribing you an AI, there are options for self-testing and medicating. Read the stickies on this and come back if you have any questions.


EVen with patients past child bearing age HCG should be given because LH receptors are found through out the body especially in the brain. Alot of guys that start TRT feel good, but do not feel right. It is not until adding alittle hcg to they get that well being back.

HCG is also used for decoration to keep the testicles nice and full even thought they may not have the sperm count like in younger years. HCG also helps with ejaculation volume as well. What guy wouldnt want to drown his girl LOL


If you can't get the HCG and anastrozole (arimidex) for much less money 1/10 the cost if purchased on line fr0m other sources. PM me if you can't find the information from the other threads.