Protecting Prostate from DHT Driven Steroid?

I searched a lot about this, but what i’ve found is
that the anadrol/winny are dht driven, so
saw palmetto/avodart/propecia etc wouldn’t work.
there is no posts about preventing this side effect,
but some people said finding alternatives.

arent’ there any ways except finding alternative roids?
to protect the prostate issue.

Why did you make two threads about this topic within a weeks time?

I will first start by saying that I am certainly no steroid expert, having never used them myself, however the drugs that you name work by reducing 5-alpha reductase and hence reducing the amount of test that can be converted to DHT through that pathway. So, those drugs elicit their effects by reducing the amount of DHT that is created in one’s system. If you introduce exogenous DHT into yopur system, then they will be useless.

If you are really worried about DHT-linked side-effects, just use different drugs.