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Protecting Collagen Synthesis on Testosterone?

Recently heard a rumor stating that doses of testosterone above 200 mg per week severely reduces collagen synthesis. This is a major concern for me, so I’m thinking of running something like nandrolone or EQ with 250 mg Test E per week (which should equate to around 200 mg actual test weekly) to combat this…

I did read some studies about even nandrolone wrecking collagen synthesis, but people report the opposite on doses of around 200 mg per week… Apparently EQ doesn’t actually really do anything but that one possibly BS thing about it increasing collagen synthesis by 340% is posted in many places.

Is there any truth to the rumor that testosterone tanks collagen synthesis or was that all made up? Ideally I wanted to just do a plain test E cycle but this has me concerned… I’m also slightly prone to MPB so there are a few substances out of bounds for me.

Peptides, Mk677 and gh all increase collagen synthesis by a lot, if your really worried about it.

Yeah I’m using GH 5 on 2 off (might have to switch to EoD to combat insulin resistance though, as I plan on using long-term).

I want to use another substance with it though. NPP maybe… I’ve heard recovery is rough but seems the only choices are nandrolone, anavar, or the apparently useless EQ, and I’m looking to bulk so Anavar is out.

if your worried about the insulin resistance the peptides could be worth looking into, the rise in GH is short and intense, this way it causes a pretty minimal increase in insulin resistance

Do they really work? I’m probably going to try them since black market GH is hard to trust, but quite a few people seem to think they do nothing at all. How does a schedule like this look?

Shot 1

GHRP-2 – 100 mcg
HGH Fragment 176-191 – 500 mcg (cardio days)
GRF 1-29 – 100 mcg

Shot 2 - 4

GHRP-2 – 100 mcg
GRF 1-29 – 100 mcg

Shot 5 (Pre-Bed)

Ipamorelin – 2000 mcg
GRF 1-29 – 100 mcg

I only really want to equal the effects of ~3 to 4iu of synthetic HGH per day.

that would put you in the range of 4-5IU’s its good stuff, I run some kind of peptide year round

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