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'Protect Yourself' Durex Commercial



Coffee just came out my nose! That was freaking hilarious! Still chuckling over it!






Another future "banned" commercial made for men.

Can you imagine feminists trying to deal with lots of men not being hooked up to baby mamas?


Durex always has some funny commercials.. that was epic. This one is still my personal favorite though.


The clear balloon just ate the blue balloon's poo off of the orange balloon's D.


Still my favourite, by far, this one scared me away from children.


I sent the first video to a friend of mines FB account. Couple people lolled and liked, but his c of a wife complained and made him take it off.

Funny how women (who have nothing but that "I'm a stay at home full time mom" shit, hate when people joke about how having kids kinda sucks at times.


I must say though, my best friend has two sons and they are the sweetest, kindest, most well behaved kids I ever met.

Fortunately, they have an official bad influence to iron out the worst flaws.


I would have picked that kid up by his feet and carried him out of that store.


I would have jammed my hand into his mouth, hooked him by the roof of his mouth and then skull-dragged that little shit out of there and directly onto a freeway.


My favorite.


Durex condoms are terrible.


Youtube just removed this video? I got a load of replies on the comments section for it but "video removed" keeps coming up.


the original got removed, i added a low quality mirror but if it also gets taken down you'll have to google it


LOL forgot I saw it


Meh, reality is, if kids are disciplined and properly managed they aren't terrors all the time. Yea they can have their moments, but overall its minor stuff.

I would have never thrown a tantrum in a store, because I would have gotten my ass beat right then and there. I also would never run around the house throwing things. Kids can certainly be trying though, I see it with all of my friends - but they keep having more...

Also the Swanton (sp?) bomb into a Knee Drop at the end of the commercial had my howling... it was great how they were prioritizing nut shots, haha.


Shitty kids are a direct reflection of parenting.


Typically, yes. Every once in awhile you meet some really good parents that end up with a sociopathic little shit, but the vast majority of the time children are living examples of garbage in - garbage out.