What the fuck is that guy in the under armor commercial yelling about? Does this make sense to anyone, or make them want to buy the product?

He’s talking about winning on your home turf. But no, doesn’t make me want to buy their stuff.

He’s getting ready for his post NFL career as a security guard.

please don’t take that comment as racist, as that is not how it’s meant. It’s more a comment on the graduation rates of NFL players

Yeah … Under Armour is great shit, but these commercials are the most annoying things I’ve ever seen.

But I guess people remember them, so they get the job done

I was at a party Saturday night and before the house owner would let you get to the keg he would bellow WILL YOU PROTECT THIS HOUSE? :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that it’s actually a reference to Nike, because they stole the idea for Dri Fit.

I’ve always read the “house” as the athlete’s body. In other words, the body can be considered the site which houses athletic performance (and thus the self). But the body is vulnerable to the various stresses and pressures associated with sport, so you have to buy Under-Armour to protect the house (and by extension, to ensure and maintain your athleticism and selfhood).