Prosteroids from VPX

I was flipping through the latest issue of Muscular Development and saw an ad from VPX Sports(also know as Vital Pharmaceuticals). They advertised that they have a new line of liposomally delivered prosteroid on the market.I’d like to know what the forum thinks about VPX and their claim of these prosteroids.


VXP has a very bad rep. Garbage products using garbage science. And as a side note, my buddy tried some of their stuff and got nothing. They gaev him the run around too on a refund, which he never received. Basically, they make stuff for 17 year old newbies who don’t knw any better.

My friend recently tried paradeca and about all it gave him was some bad acne. Stay away from these products; they’re a waste of money.

Yeah…I know about their products. I even tried their Paradeca before I knew any better…lol. I just thought their ad was amusing, especially when biotest had already announced their forth coming prosteroid products. Now the peanut gallery wants a piece of the action…figures.