Prostatitis and Herpes Simplex

Have not got the answer from a sperm test but it seems like the herpes simplex virus is the reason for it all.
I have started rubbing oregano oil diluted with coconut oil at the bottom of the spine,this is strong shit ihad to stop it for a week,5 drops oregano oil mixed with 10 drops coconut oil was too strong,sideffects like very low bloodsugar,nausea and anxiety,it can impede iron absortion.

Been off it for a week and will do 3 drops oregano oil and 10 drops coconut oil,i rub tis once pr day at the bottom of the spine.
I also take 1 tab olive leaf extract 450mg with 27mg oleropein pr day.

It did work fast. The first what happend is the virus rebelled and gave som negative symptoms a couple of days,then it gets way less active from there on,had to stop and sart on new lower dose and be on this several months to get rid of it as i understand. its said to eventually die completely off by this long therm treatment.

I also will add collodial silver to the oregano oil and olive leaf extract.

Someone here managed to kill off this virus this way?

so prostatitis caused by both herpes and estrogen,but 0.08nmol/l is not very high? i took 0.10mg anastrozole and it shrink immediately. free test is at 5 nmol/l,so the relation test-estro is too wide? thus the estrogen dominance?

Sorry, I want to make sure I understand you clearly: You think you’ve cured your herpes by rubbing oregano oil and coconut oil on your back while taking a tablet of olive leave extract. Also, you believe that your your free test and estrogen have “too wide” of a “relation,” and you believe you are “estrogen dominant” because you took .10mg of anastrozole and “it [your prostate?] shrink [sic] immediately.”

Presumably, then, your question is whether or not your prostatitis is caused by estrogen, to which I would say: I don’t have a clue, get blood work and talk to a real doctor.

yes you pretty much nailed it,well observed. Although,to get rid of the herpes virus will take several months.
But i guess i answered my own question.

I have new bloodwork but not much response to it.

‘talk to a real doctor’? lol right,that is what i have tried the last 10 years,is not that the reason why people are coming here? come on,do better than that or just dont post!

At the risk of sounding disrespectful, if you think you’ve cured herpes by rubbing coconut oil on your back there is not much anyone here is going to be able to do for you, man.

You cannot get rid of herpes simplex. It will forever be a part of you.
However you can suppress any further outbreaks by making sure your immune system works properly and reduce stress.

I have had herpes simplex eversince I was a child and 9 months ago I found a “cure” for myself so to speak. Because I used to get it every other month. I haven’t had herpes since 9 months now and I am pretty sure it is because of the following:

Herpes simplex can use arginine or lysine as building aminoacids for its DNA. It CAN NOT DIFFERENTIATE between the two and will use whatever you give it.

Now here’s the good part about it: lysine will create unstable, dying cells which will prevent herpes from breaking out!

There are quite some foods that are high in lysine and I have chosen lentils to be a staple of my nutrition. They’re extremely high in lysine. Also just a great low glycemic index food with lots of protein! An excellent source for any bodybuilder!

I eat 100-200g (uncooked) of lentils every other day and I haven’t had any outbreaks from herpes simplex despire getting sick once, being under lots of stress and breaking up with my girlfriend!

There is research that backs this up. Check it out. This was a total gamechanger for me.
Funny enough, I only discovered the effects after I incorporated lentils into my diet for bodybuilding purposes and noticed that I had no herpes outbreaks any longer.

Trust me on this.

Yo sorry to derail but this is SUPER interesting, do you have a link to any of the research or anything? I don’t have Herpes this just sounds really cool

Pretty easy to find good studies mate.

Here’s one I just pulled for you:

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Cool, thanks!! I wasn’t even sure what to look for and I was hesitant to google anything about herpes on my work computer given the wacky senses of humor our IT department has :wink:

Haha I can imagine!

i did not say i had cured it after a couple of times use,like you are making it sound,but over time it can have the potencial to kill it off,not after two times or weeks but up to a year daily with a week or two pause every 6-8 week.
considered the characteristics of both carvacrol and oleuropein, and combining these do have a strong impact and over long time use it will simply just kill it off its said,i have used it for two weeks and know how strong this is on the body,its really a potent mix!

i had settled with the thought of having to live with this shit rest of the time until i started to read more about it,and the potent alternatives nature has that fits this virus,or dont even better.
i decided to give it a try and we will see what happens,but have to wait for my education to end because i need the strength both pysically and mentally to finish it fairly good,carvacrol and oleuropein really shakes shit up.

i’ll check out the lentils for sure.

Have you two tried a mix of carvacrol and oleuropein?