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Prostate Surgery

I’m a 53 year old male that was diagnosed as having aggressive prostate cancer in March 2004. Among the many different choices of treatment and hours of research, I decided to have the fairly new robotic type of surgery at Henry Ford in Detroit in May of 2004. The surgery consisted of making 5 slits less than a 1/2 " each along the lower abdomen. The surgeon sits a distance away from the operating table and controls robotic arms with tools and a camera that enters the open incisions while at the same time watching a magnified screen of the prostate.

This procedure is much less invasive which leads to quicker healing time and a shorter time in the hospital. Some go home the same day of the surgery. In my case they were much better to pinpoint the cancer cells that were outside of the prostate while still having normal body functions. I highly recommend this type of procedure when it comes to prostate cancer. I was also back in the gym squatting 6 weeks after surgery.

I hope I can answer any questions you might have about this procedure.


I hope you continue to be well, good luck.
I would guess by the tone of your post, you have the best attitude- a possitive one!

What were your symptoms that made you go to the doctor, or was it discovered in a routine visit? Do you have any ill effects (sexually, hormonal or otherwise) from the cancer?

Best of luck.

[quote]kickboxer wrote:
What were your symptoms that made you go to the doctor, or was it discovered in a routine visit? Do you have any ill effects (sexually, hormonal or otherwise) from the cancer? [/quote]


Actually, I was dating a nurse at the time and I was getting up frequently at night to urinate. She recommended I see a specialist. My PSA was average but a growth was felt on the prostate during a finger test. Point is that you can’t always tell by a PSA test.

For the first 6 months after surgery I having difficulty with erections but it has much improved and just about back to where I was prior to surgery. No other problems.

I have benign prostate enlargement and cannot tolerate the meds so I will probably have some surgery too. Although not cancer thank God, the surgery is done with a laser and I think simply decreases the size of the prostate to allow for better urine flow.

I hope you heal well. It is good to hear ytou were squatting in just six weeks!


My doc last year asked about nighttime bathroom visits. I told him 2 to 3 times per night. He felt nothing, then asked about what I consume 3 hrs before bed… When I told him a can or 2 of Fosters, then right before bed a protein drink. He was amazed at only 2 or 3 times.
He actually likes me taking saw palmetto, and likes working with athletes so I get good lifting advice.
I have 4 co workers who have fought and beaten prostate cancer. All were found in regular annual anal checkups.
Guys get annual checks, it is worth the discomfort and embarrasment.

What is the recommended age to get your prostate checked? I think I remember hearing mid-twenties somewhere.


So glad to hear of your recovery. My father-in-law was in his early sixties when he had his prostate removed, the bikini cut way. His recovery was amazingly quick. He was in tip top shape through strength training and cardio work. He was ripped. His surgery and recovery was only an extended lay-off from his work outs. THIS is why I started strength training.

Wish you well.