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Prostate Problem and TREN, ANADROL



I wonder how steroiders protect their prostate from using tren or anadrol.

i've searched that the saw palmetto, propecia or avodart will not work for it???

Then how you treat your prostate enlargement??


What makes you think that tren is going to mess up your prostate?

It is undergoing testing for use in TRT in patients with prostate problems...



Hi. firstly thank you for response.

I found tren is one of the worst in hairloss, so I thought tren would also effect on prostate problem.
But I searched again and it seems that tren does not effect on the prostate.
Then tren affects on hairloss while have no influence on prostate, am i right?

Then how about ANADROL? anadrol seems to affect on the prostate and would it be cared with avodart or propecia? or saw palmetto? or there is drugs to prevent it??



Stopped reading after 'tren is one of the worst on hairloss'. Do more research...or you know, even SOME research.


From your link:


I use Super Beta Prostate supplement for my aging prostate. Its star ingredient, Beta Sitosterol, is a plant ester that binds to the prostate gland and protects it from inflammation. It has worked very well for me so far. But you should consult a doctor before you begin any new health regime, especially if you're already taking other kinds of nutritional supplements.


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