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Prostate, Libido, and DHT Info


Online article about DHT and prostate health

Interesting article if you have any issues. Recently added Proviron to my regimen and find it’s useful on so many levels. It assists your AI in controlling E2, binds to SHBG freeing up T, and improves libido where there is an androgen deficiency. This info on DHT makes it even more compelling so I thought Id share.

WHo’s the idiot that made all the accounts void btw? Had to create a new account just to post this! Rubbish!


Proviron is not available by Rx in USA or Canada.

There used to be compounded DHT years ago. But when labs in China were busted, there did not remain any FDA approved sources of raw DHT, so it cannot be imported as a pharmaceutical. So there are no Rx options. [I researched this myself]

Lack of sex, not have ejaculations leaves seminal fluid in the seminal vessels that goes rancid and causes inflammation. That is another factor. So the improved/restored libido of TRT has an added health benefit.

5 alpha-reductase drugs starve the prostate of DHT and it whithers and that can improve urine flow. Doctors then made the stupid link that T and DHT were the cause. *

Tadalafil helps with BHP. So that is an added benefit and it also allows for more sex and clearing of the seminal vessels.

  • This is similar to this: When one gets high blood pressure from arterial damage, blood pressure can be lowered by reducing salt [sodium] intake. Doctors then concluded that salt causes high BP because lower salt intake can help reduce BP. So now salt is considered evil. Salt causes no harm to the blood vessels.


Yeah, this article is claiming that increased, or possibly normal levels of DHT, can actually be a benefit to BPH or prostatitis specifically. Seems to feel better for me after only a short time.

I’ll second the tadalafil as a BPH management drug. Works well for me and 5mg gives me benefits for 4-5 days. Side effects of GERD and at one time when I tried daily admin was severe low back pain. Not really ideal but lower doses < or = to 2.5mg might be tolerable.


Maybe that was from rough sex.


No it’s a known side effect. Its severe flank pain similar to passing kidney stones. Lasts for a couple of days and is 10mg morphine q4h kinda pain however all I had was ibuprofen and naproxen. Friend of mine had similar pain. Definitely not from the rough sex haha.