Prostate Issues at 43

Was gonna get some input and see if anybody had the same issues and maybe had some advice , 43 good shape , was taking 250 mg a week of test cyp divided into daily shots with .25 arimidex twice weekly , felt good and was having no problems until started having trouble urinating, poor stream and constant feeling of leaking, dropped dose down to 200 mg and quit the ai , had psa checked and was good , been 3 weeks with no improvement, anyone had similar issues

Only PSA checked? Have you actually had your prostate itself checked? If yes and all good try:
Daily cialis 5mg. Give it a month until improvemets come.

That’s a pretty common side effect of trt. As the other gentleman said 5mg daily cialis will help. You can also add Hawthorne berry which is easy enough to buy on Amazon or any supplement shop.

Thanks for the replies , headed to the dr for a more complete exam but def will mention trying the ciallis

Are you on prescribed TRT, self medicating, blasting, etc? I guess I’m trying to find out your end game here. If its TRT that’s a very high dose for most which I’m sure your labs reflect.

On trt but had bumped it up for the summer my trt is 200 mg split twice weekly which I know when we draw bloods we will lower some more , def wish I hadn’t messed with anything cause whatever I got going on is driving me crazy

If you’re having those issues you need to reduce your test more than that until you figure it out IMO. Dropping the AI also seems counter intuitive to me. The prostate is a target tissue for estradiol this has been proven. It stimulates growth.

I don’t know your situation and response to hormones but 100mg/week and 0.25mg Arimidex every 3 days is where I would be heading given your circumstance. Be sure to know your e2 levels and get a digital rectal exam ASAP as a precaution. Better safe than sorry. Good luck.

Seeing my urologist tomorrow who also prescribed my trt and def gonna ask about lowering it some more , just worried if these symptoms will ever ease up

What is your TT/FT/E2 on either of these doses?

Got bloodwork done today and ct scan scheduled, kinda freaking out about all the tests but I’m ready to figure out something

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