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Prostate Health


Since I'm almost 40.I guess it's time to start thinking about prostate issues.

What are the do's and do nots of prostate health?

Things like diet,supplements,lifestyle,exercise etc.

Any advice or ideas or prostate issues you or others you know went through,please share.

I don't want a little gland like the prostate ruining my life.

Don't want limp dick either.

Any input will be appreciated.



Vit E (Gamma and Alpha), Selenium, Brocolli/Cauliflower, lycopene/cooked tomatoes and general fruit and vege consumption protect significantly against prostate cancer. Do all of them and you?ll drastically lower your chances of prostate cancer even if you?re a T-Nation T-man?

I recommend a book called Testosterone is Your Friend. Yes, it?s a cheesy title, but it?s actually loaded with studies. It points out study after study that show that higher testosterone levels are actually good for the prostate. One theory is that low T-levels leave receptors in the prostate open for DHT, which is MUCH more potent androgen.


Important topic, very dear to my heart. First off, anyone over age 35 should get a PSA test done now. Although elevated PSA level is an unreliable predicator of prostate cancer, a sudden spike in PSA levels can be a red flag. So get a base-line PSA done now (I started at age 30).

For nutrients, green tea, lycopene and boron (yes, boron) can help.

Also, go to www.lef.org and punch prostate in the search mode at the top right. Lots of good data available there (LE Magazine article June 2005).

Knowledge is Power!


Saw Palmetto



Just to clarify, Saw Palmetto is mostly used for BPH or enlarged prostate. For a young guy, this is of no use because the prostate is almost always functioning normally because all receptors are receiving the abundant T he has not DHT.

What a young guy wants to do is to protect his prostate from decades of cumulative damage that build up and eventually create prostate cancer in virtually all males. And that's why all the foods and supplements mentioned above, which of course are all powerful antioxidants, will drastically lower his future risk.


Just do a search on prostate here. There have been a ton of articles on it this past year.

mainly, from the latest info that is out, a bad test-estrogen ration is a more likely culprit for an enlarged prostate than DHT. It was previously believed DHT was the main cause of concern. Now recent data shows older men with prostate cancer only have average DHT levels, but terrible test levels and elevated estrogen levels.


I subscribe to a news letter called Health & Healing by a MD Julian Whitaker(buy the hard mail copy). He is big on natural treatments and prevention. Due to his advice, and my desire not to loose the ability to desire....

I found a company in Arkansas that I order a prostrate formula from, buy 6 get the 7th one free. I ams 63 and have a PSA of 2. I figure I can spend $15.00 a month and not wind up with a limp friend or worse. It would surprise you to know how many of your 55 yrs olde friends, and older are pee-ing a tube strapped to their leg. That is not for me. I enjoy being a man, and intend to continue to do so.


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Massaging the prostrate is said to help prevent Prostate cancer as well.Pass the lube :wink:


Adequate exposure to the sun also appears to be important according to some researchers probably through the synthesis of vitamin D.


Besides having your PSA checked, get the finger test done. My PSA was normal but the Doc felt a growth on the prostate which turned out to be aggressive cancer. I had the new robotic type of surgery consisting of 5 1" slits across your lower abs and was back in the gym in a month.

Bottom line - get both tests done every year. There's life in the gym after prostate cancer. I'm 55 and I still squat 315 for 3 sets. And after 2 years from surgery, my erections are just as just about what it was before surgery with no medications.


Hey, I'm over 35, so I need to know about this stuff too. Apparently something like 8% of men at 40 years old have some level of BPH. In another ten years it goes to 40% or so.

Although you don't have BPH, or prostate cancer, there is nothing wrong with taking supplements that are used to treat them as a preventative measure.

Basically, there are a bunch of supplements that interfere with inflammation of the prostate, conversion of testosterone to DHT, induce cell apoptosis, inhibit metastasis, reduce free radical damage and so on.

If you are researching, read up on recent studies concerning:

Saw Palmetto
Nettle Root
Beta Sitosterol
Grean Tea

The LEF ( http://www.lef.org/ ) is a great place to find out about issues relating to aging, such as BPH or cancer. However, I do find them a bit quick to go from studies in mice to offering supplements.

If you have a serious condition, such as cancer, of course you don't mind making the leap and trying any idea because you really need to find something that will help, but if you are just looking for preventatives, you'll want results from clinical trials and developed mechanisms of action.

I currently have two older relatives with fairly serious prostate conditions. Look into it and see what you can do... it's basically an epidemic and it can probably be greatly reduced with supplementation.