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Prostate Enlargement?

Hey guys

I have for the past year and half been on 250mg trt weekly

however I know for a fact im secondary since I respond well to clomid monotherapy which I gave a shot recently.

I have been experiencing problems urinating that kept increasing slowly during 1.5 years …from delayed urination to what has now become inconsistent stream that takes super long.

So I decided to come off trt and give it final chance to go natural

and it has now been 1.5 months since I quit trt

I did a power pct protocol according to Scally but the thing is I feel worse then ever trying to urinate.

first its delayed then it´s a weak stream that sometimes can be inconsistent…I have no problems with urine leakage after Ive done my business…are we looking at prostate cancer here possibly…im scared senseless and thus the incoherent writing

Im thinking to do bloodwork tomorrow and check my PSA

what would be considered unnormal for a 27 year old that was previously on TRT?

oh one more thing…could the prostate enlargement be due to high estrogen? and is it possible for an enlarged prostate to shrink after u stop trt?

Yes, could be due to high e2. I have difficulty urinating when my e2 gets elevated. Would still get PSA and prostate checked.

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does the enlarged prostate ever go back to normal after u stop trt and estrogen normalises let´s say?

I’m sure it varies and I’ve never stopped trt. I can only say that when my e2 gets high, I have difficulty urinating. When I get my e2 back in range the problem is relieved. That’s not to say that your problem is high e2, but it may be.

Most likely high E2. I had the same problem, maybe worse with terrible leaking after I thought I was done urinating. Anastrozole cured the problem for me.

I had issues and was really concerned. My PSA was normal (.9 then - now .6). My issues were related to stress and T at and e2 out of balance. I felt like I had to pee all the time and it was a huge quality of life issue.

I got my T to 1000 and E2 at 22 (100mg a week T, 350mg a week HCG and 1/4mg of Arimidex a week all divided EOD. I also started Avodart. Avodart is very much discouraged on this and other sites because of some peoples sex issues. I have always been oversexed so this may not be good for some but in my case the prostate issues are 100% gone, I only get up once to pee at night vs 4-5 times and have sex every day at 47. Would love 2x but that is where the wife draws the line.

Try to destress, get your E2 and T in balance and see if that works. You can then consider Avodart if you are ok with the risks. I would get info from several sources as you will not get a balanced and factual view from all. If you currently have a super high sex drive it may be less risky then someone struggling in that space. No facts on that other than my experience. Others may strongly disagree.

Good luck

It is estrogens that are the problem. 250mg T per week without an AI was really a bad move.

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On TRT you should seek E2=22pg/ml.

The question remains; is your prostate going to respond.

Post TRT recovery may not be pretty.